F.lli Ferri

Our services


Design is one of the strengths of the company. From a simple machine to an entire oil plant, each type of output product is submitted to a specialized technical office for design and engineering. A professional "CAD" type software is used to design the layout of the new installations, which is followed by the entire production process.

Installation & Assembly

Installation and assembly are carried out directly by the F.lli Ferri SRL company, faithfully following all the layouts that have been defined by the technical office. The work, carried out in symbiosis, allows for a state-of-the-art installation. Not only in Italy, but also abroad, F.lli Ferri carries out this service both for single machines and for entire oil plants.

Remote control

All the plants certified for industry 4.0 have the possibility of being remotely controlled. This allows the F.lli Ferri company to offer prompt support and carry out a quick intervention. The remote control function is managed from an internal station within the company which, through an industrial device called "EWON", installed in the electrical panel, allows you to remotely solve any problems and download software updates.


F.lli Ferri carries out the "service" service directly and on all oil plants and supplies under the ALFA LAVAL brand. Thanks to a highly qualified team and a warehouse of original ALFA LAVAL spare parts, it is possible to intervene and solve any type of problem. In addition, various repairs / reconstructions are carried out such as: carry-over of wear-resistant material, reconstructions and adjustments of augers with certified balancing (with the use of a robot) and much more.