Who we are

Our history

The company was founded in 1971, as an engineering company operating in the oil sector, in Puglia and precisely in Andria: the heart of Italian oil production. Leading a highly qualified team are Antonio, Sebastiano and Riccardo Ferri who, with professionalism, technical and commercial experience and “know-how” over the years have made the company a leader in the oil sector, reference points for oil mills, as well as authorized center ALFA LAVAL.

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F.lli Ferri SRL deals with the design and construction of new and used overhauled oil systems, repairs, maintenance, balancing of any centrifuge. The company builds new EEC brand oil machines such as conveyor belts, olive hoppers, washing machines, crushers, malaxers and accessories for decanters and separators. The degree of automation of the system can be managed in harmony with your needs. The production chain begins and ends within the company, starting from the design with CAD software up to the construction of the entire oil plant thanks to parallel lathes, radial drills, milling machines, balancing machines, 110 ton press brakes and own painting booths. Professionalism e seriousness, with a touch of inventiveness, have allowed us to differentiate ourselves from others by focusing exclusively on quality and innovation.

Constant study and research allow the creation of technologically advanced and qualitatively superior machinery compared to the standards of the current market. We are Authorized Service Provider for the important “ALFA LAVAL” brand, world leader in the centrifugation sector. The machinery and systems produced by “F.lli Ferri” are certified for the 4.0 innovative industry.

Our strengths

Why choose us?

Research and Development

Thanks to constant research and development, we produce highly technological oil plants, aimed at saving energy and water.

Qualified team

Our staff constantly follows refresher courses in order to train and offer a high quality service.

High quality materials

Our raw materials come from the best suppliers; in addition, we prefer STAINLESS STEEL for our oil plants.

Experience in the sector

After gaining experience in the oil sector and in the production of oil plants, we started our company.

24/7 Assistance

For any problem we have a dedicated customer number, available 24/7.

Our partners

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