Legality Rating

F.lli has the certification of ” Legality Rating “. It is issued by AGCM (Authority for Competition and Market) and is described as “a synthetic indicator of compliance with high standards of legality “. Companies in possession of the” Legality Rating “must comply with various quality standards , as well as having a history on the market. AGCM has attributed two additional requirements and a star to the F.lli Ferri company.

ISO 9001

The F.lli Ferri company has applied for the issue of the “ISO 9001 ” certification issued by the ISO (Organization for Standardization) .


The production process

As a leader in the construction of oil machines and plants, F.lli Ferri designs and engineers its supply so that it can work with a view to saving energy and saving water. The company’s eco-sustainability also includes the use of completely recyclable materials, 100%, such as stainless steel. Furthermore, thanks to the ALFA LAVAL technology, a higher quality of Extra Virgin Oil is obtained without naturally sacrificing the yield, which is actually higher than the norm.

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